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machining by 4axis CNC mill

C&M Precision Manufacturing is a factory full equipped with various kind of machine devices(CNC machine center mill 3 axises, 4axies, 5-6axies)and lathe, swiss CNC machine,

automatic feed lathe,engine lathe, milling machine, EDM, wire cutting,grind for the precision part/component, and lazer cutting machine,bending/welding machine for the sheet

metal fabrication.We have a force of rich experience work force,and strictly control produce process. We offer from design,manufacture,welding,surface treatment to finally

assembly;one stop solution from prototypes,trial run,to large quantity,long-run production.
More just pls visit our website:www.cmpoem.com,or contact us:jacksonqin0305@cmpoem.com,thank you.

For our machining video visit:https://youtu.be/QjtdL-6xxsM

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