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About us

C&M Precision Manufacturing(HK)Co., Ltd was founded in commitment is to be a precision metal manufacturer in worldwide market. With its own factory expertise in manufacture field for many years with rich experiences in south China area Dongguan,We have most professional engineering team and advanced facility. We can OEM a wide range of products with engineering services from design to manufacturing for product assembly;  our services such as:

CNC precision machining
Swiss screw machining

Sheet metal fabrication

Aluminum die casting

3Dprint and prototype

Mission Statement
"Are you ready to work with a company that has built its reputation on Trust, Honesty, Integrity and Performance? Then we are ready to work with you!
"Actions Speak Louder than Words" - We can all say what we want but at the end of the day...words are only words if we don't do what we say.
We believe that doing a great job of listening to your needs and truly understanding what is important to you allows us to provide solutions and take the actions necessary to fulfill your needs. We are committed to help you succeed.
In times like these, you need a company who can do more than produce machined components, sheet metal fabricating . You need a strong, growing company who lives by the ""Golden Rule,"" treating customers, people and suppliers with respect and dignity."
"C&M Precision Manufacture"Core Values:
Honesty - C&M Precision Manufacture expects honesty at all times. We have no tolerance for dishonesty
Trust - C&M Precision Manufacture




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